Galena Schoolhouse 1882

historica plaque in front of schoolhouse   historical plaque in front of schoolhouse
school steps with snow What students would see sometimes on their arrival to school.
interior from back   interior from back of class
interior from front   interior from front of class
panoramic view of interior   panoramic view of interior
school 2-hole outhouse   The 2-hole outhouse out back.
inside the outhouse   inside the outhouse
front of the school in snow   front of schoolhouse.
west side of schoolhouse   west side of schoolhouse
front and right side of schoolhouse   east side and front
Students in Galena learning about school life in the old days   Dorothy Erhart with some Lead Deadwood students during their visit to Galena
Students at Galena Cemetery   Students visit Galena cemetery, 1999
Mel Erickson Carr speaking at Galena School house in 1999  
Mel Erickson Carr speaking to Lead-Deadwood class in 1999 at Galena School   
Mel was well acquainted with Galena people, but lived and attended the school at Elk Creek
Ralph Island speaking at Galena Shool house 1999   Ralph Island speaking to Lead-Deadwood classes about his experiences as a Galena School Student    1999
Edith Smith, former student, in front of school   Edith Houlette, former student, in front of school
school in summer before railing restored   school in summer, before railing restored.
Schoolhouse 1941   Schoolhouse, 1941
Wes Groshong next to Galena Catholic Church  
girls at Galena School  
1930s: front l-r Violet Sigdestad, Naomi Springer
Back Anna Sigdestad Winsell, Elsie Nelson,  Welcome Springer. In back (overalls)  Clifford Sigdestad
boys at Galena School  
1930's: L-R George Sigdestad, Clifford Sigdestad, Victor Sigdestad, Howard Larson,???, Arvid Nelson and Edwin Sigdestad
in back Anna Sigdestad
Students in front of Galena School steps  
1914 back row L-r Mina Perley, Jenny McAvoy, Clifford Johnson, Bertha Halverson, Orba Borsch, Chester Borsch, Bryan Gardner, Dewey Dempsey(white collar), Lester Borsch   2nd row
Fred Borsch, Kathleen Johnson, Mary McAvoy, Wesley Groshong(short) Leslie Gardner, Guy Calhoon, Walter Beckland, Richard Dempsey(partially hidden)
&Calvin Gardner
Front row Sarah McAvoy, Elgie Gardner, Irene Coyle(braids), Fred Gardner, Erma Dany, Willie Larsen (white shirt), Alfred Gardner
Students on Galena School steps  
Galena School 1912
Teacher Maude Ethel Hopkins
Standing bottom to top
Walter Beckland, Elgie Gardner, Wesley Groshong, Claude Hurley, Leslie Gardner, Max Clauser, Calvin Gardner, Chester Borsch, Maude Hopkins  Teacher, Orba Borsch, Clifford Johnson, Lester Borsch, Dewey Dempsey
Seated Bottom Row
Erma Dany, Alfred Gardner, Willie Larson , Fred Gardner
Seated second row
Sarah McAvoy, Dena Clauser, Irene Coyle, Sophia Clauser
3rd row seated
Richard Dempsey, Kathleen Johnson, Mary McAvoy, Freddie Borsch
4th row standing
Jennie McAvoy, Bertha Halverson, Mina Perley
Students in front of Galena School   R-L front Fred Gardner, Elgie Gardner, John Clauser, far right Rosie North
2nd row from bottom L-R
Margaret Groshong (white bow in hair), Iris Dempsey, Sarah McAvoy, Alice Dany, Gertrude Wamsley, Lillie North,
3rd row Walter Beckland, Wesley Groshong, Erma Dany, Mabel North, Dena Clauser, Leslie Gardner (head tilted). 4th row, Alfred Gardner, Mary McAvoy, teacher either Vercoe or Holben, Richard Dempsey, Sophie Clauser (hidden)
1915-1916 school year Galena, SD
Galena near school   Galena 1890, looking north.  The schoolhouse would be just off picture to the left.
schoolhouse area from hillside   schoolhouse area from hillside.
schoolhouse area from hillside   schoolhouse bell tower
schoolhouse area from hillside   schoolhouse from the air.
Click here for panorama view inside schoolhouse
Galena church steeple    Church steeple
Perli's cabin in Lost Gulch  Perli's cabin in Lost Gulch. Burned down in 2002.
Golden Crest mill, burned down, from the air    Golden Crest mill, burned down in the 1970s.  Now private property.
animals in Galena    animals in Galena
Tootsie coyote, with Fred Borsch    Tootsie, pet coyote, state animal
Galena Open House time lapse, 2012    Open House time lapse, 2012

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